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Car and Van General Repairs in Petersfield, Hampshire

AutoMatt Garage is Petersfield’s Best Automotive Service Centre.

Are you looking for General Car & Van Repairs by a local garage in Petersfield ? If so, AutoMatt Garage, the BEST Local Garage in Petersfield, no matter your problem, we will repair your car, repair your van or repair your motorhome. At AutoMatt Garage, you're in safe hands, we pride ourselves on giving your vehicle the best care possible.

Auto Electric Repair in Petersfield

Have you got an annoying electrical problem on your car that you can’t get to the bottom of? Maybe your battery keeps going flat at the most inconvenient time or your windows wont close if it rains! If so, call us today as our local garage in Petersfield offers a complete auto electrical service including full computerised diagnostics for many complex electrical systems. Including; ABS, Traction Control, Airbags, Parking Sensors, Engine Management, Digital Dashboards, Stereo Systems, Alarm Systems and Immobilizers.

Suspension Repair in Petersfield

If your suspension is starting to fail, this will be communicated by your vehicle by the way it handles. A normally functioning vehicle will drive along the road smoothly, without any rattles or strange noises. If there is a mechanical issue with your car’s suspension, you could experience various unusual noises and steering characteristics, the resultant ride may also be uncomfortable and bumpy. If your vehicle is displaying this sort of behaviour, it’s time to look for a car repair service in your local garage in Petersfield, to get things sorted out. Interestingly, approx. 10% of MOT failures last year included at least one problem with the suspension components of a vehicle.

Steering Repair in Petersfield

If you have trouble going around a corner it could be because of your car’s tyres or, because there’s something wrong with your steering. Even out of adjustment wheel alignment will affect your vehicles steering. There are several components that go wrong regularly; Steering Racks, Track Rod Ends, Power Steering Pumps and Hoses. Modern Vehicles can also have Electrically Operated Steering. Properly functioning vehicle steering also forms part of the MOT Test. Call AutoMatt, your local garage in Petersfield, on 01730 858120 to get your steering checked if you are having problems as it can affect your safety to drive a car or van with defective steering.

Battery Repair in Petersfield

Today’s modern vehicles rely heavily on a properly functioning car battery. These days there are so many electrical circuits on a vehicle powering a huge number of different electrical components. Did you know that the combined length of electrical wires in a modern car is more than 4 km, compared to a few hundred meters 30 years ago. It makes sense then that if your car battery is on it's last legs, your whole vehicle could grind to a halt.

It does not take long to check how well your car battery is standing up to the strain, so pop in to the best local garage in Petersfield and we’ll carry out a battery test for you, then advise you if there is anything you need to do to keep your car on the road.

Welding Repair in Petersfield

Cars and vans these days are considerably better built and more structurally sound than they were 30 years ago. But, we still see a regular flow of vehicles through our Petersfield workshop that need to have some kind of welding repair. They’re still made of steel after all. No matter if your exhaust pipe has a small hole or your driving your car like Fred Flitstone, at AutoMatt - the Best Local Garage in Petersfield, we can carry out the necessary welding repairs to get your vehicle back on the road.

Fuel Injection Repair in Petersfield

Since 1993 and the introduction of catalytic converters on every petrol engined vehicle we’ve also seen the addition of a fuel injection system. Things have come on a long way in recent years, with the governments ever tightening clean environment legislation. Modern fuel injection systems need to be properly looked after and expertly diagnosed when they go wrong. Fuel injection systems are fitted to both petrol and diesel engined vehicles, and suffer from similar problems.

One problem we see in our Petersfield garage workshop regularly is caused by impurities in the bio fuel we have to buy at the pumps. These impurities leave tiny deposits inside the fuel injectors, which eventually lead to the fuel injector misfiring. If your engine management light is on, it could be for this reason. But, don’t worry, at AutoMatt we have a special machine that can remove these deposits without having to remove the fuel injectors from the engine. This saves both time and money, give us a call today to find out more about our Forte Power Clean Machine.

Turbo Charger Repair in Petersfield

Once the preserve of racing cars and exotic brands, turbo chargers are common place these days on many car and van engines. They are used mostly to give a boost in power to small capacity engines. The theory behind turbo chargers is sound and turbo chargers fitted to older vehicles gave us few problems. But, as emissions legislation got tougher and engines became more complex, turbo charger problems became an everyday occurrence.

On modern car and van engines a lack of servicing and the use of low quality oil, along with multiple failed DPF regeneration attempts cause most of the problems. Skimping on servicing really is a false economy for a modern car engine, therefore we can’t impress on you enough to get your car, van or any other vehicle serviced regularly to help minimise the risk of this costly repair.

Alternator Repair in Petersfield

Your alternator is what recharges your car battery once it starts to become discharged. The alternator and battery work in conjunction with each other to maintain a steady flow of electricity to all the electrical components of your vehicle. Most car and van electrical circuits operate at 12v, while lorries, trucks and larger vehicles often use a 24v system. A properly working alternator will recharge the car battery with a 14.4v flow of electricity. If you call in to AutoMatt, your local garage in Petersfield for a battery check, we can check the alternator charging at the same time, or vise-versa. Just give us a quick ring to warn us your on your way!

Engine Repair in Petersfield

The heart of your vehicle is the car engine. There are many moving parts in an engine, and any one of them failing can potentially cause a breakdown followed by a costly repair. Properly servicing your vehicles engine not only extends the life of your car’s engine, but it also minimises the reasons why a car engine could fail. Servicing at an optimal mileage along with using a quality engine oil will maximise reliability. There are many engine components that cause problems, some common ones we see in our Petersfield Garage Workshop are; Head Gasket Failure, Crankshaft Failure, Camshaft Failure, Piston Rings Wear, Timing Chain Wear, and Water Pump Failure.

Timing Belt Repair in Petersfield

The timing belt joins together the camshaft and crankshaft of your engine, and keeps them running in synchronization with each other. If the timing belt fails, the result is usually catastrophic for your engine, and costly on your pocket. Whilst there is not a regular service and adjustment schedule for most cambelts, it is important that the cambelt is replaced at the recommended service interval by the manufacturer. The frequency for this varies dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, if you are unsure, a quick call to your local garage in Petersfield's car repair workshop on 01730 858120 can give you all the info you need to keep your timing belt running trouble free.

Carbon Removal and Repair in Petersfield

Many people are still unaware of a very modern phenomenon that’s universally referred to as ‘Carbon Contamination’. This problem that every vehicle on the road that has been manufactured since the inclusion of ‘bio-fuels’ and government legislation to reduce exhaust emissions will face. In a nutshell, excess carbon is produced in the car engine because of the technology needed to meet those new strict emissions targets set by legislation. A VERY common problem faced by all motorists because of this, is a blocked EGR valve. Blocked DPF’s and blocked inlet manifolds are also dealt with regularly. Sometimes the only way to deal with the problems this carbon build-up causes, is to replace the defective part.

But, there is no solution to stop the same problems persisting, unless new legislation is produced, which is unlikely. However, not all is lost, at AutoMatt, the best local garage in Petersfield, we have invested in a special machine that has been developed to remove this carbon contamination with minimum fuss and minimum cost. Please contact us to find out how we can remove the carbon from your inlet manifold, remove the carbon from your EGR valve and remove the carbon from your Diesel Particulate Filter.

Diagnostics and Repair in Petersfield

Modern car and van engines rely on a series of complex computers to keep the vehicle on the road. These computers are often referred to as ECU’s. When something goes wrong with the car’s engine, or an associated control system, a diagnostic code is often stored in the ECU to help with diagnosing what’s gone wrong. All of AutoMatt’s technicians are fully conversant with today’s complex vehicle systems and the diagnostic equipment needed to interact with a modern vehicle. If you have a warning lamp on on your dashboard, book your vehicle in for a diagnostic session in your local Petersfield garage.

Glass Repair in Petersfield

We don’t fit replacement windscreens at AutoMatt ourselves, but if your vehicle fails its MOT test with a damaged windscreen we can arrange a windscreen replacement for your vehicle with our preferred repairer, or if you have windscreen insurance, via their repairer. We do however replace car and van window glass in doors and quarter panels, just give us a call to find out more.

Interior Repair in Petersfield

There are many problems we see on a daily basis that stem from a vehicles interior. Maybe your rear view mirror has fallen from the windscreen or a seat belt has stopped working properly. Your heater only blows out cold air, or your dashboard will not illuminate. If the air con makes you feel sick, or the boot leaks. All of these problems, and more, can be easily rectified in the best Petersfield garage, AutoMatt.

No matter your problem AutoMatt has a cost effective solution to your problems. Be it a modern car; a vintage or classic car, an American Car, a Motorhome or a Commercial vehicle your first port of call for ALL automotive problems in and around Petersfield is AutoMatt. All you need to do is contact us, phone us or reach out to us on Facebook or WhatsApp, and we’ll help you keep your vehicle on the road, and your cash in your pocket. What have you got to loose? Join hundreds of already satisfied customers and say hello to a new way of automotive maintenance, the AutoMatt way.

Book your vehicle in today for MOT Tests, Servicing, Tyres, Welding, Air Conditioning, Wheel Alignment Repairs and every kind of General Repair at AutoMatt Garage today.

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