Unit 5, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LJ
Meet the team at AutoMatt Garage in Petersfield

Meet The Team AutoMatt

AutoMatt Garage first opened it's doors to the public in 2015 after Matt Bartlett became disillusioned with the way the Motor Trade was moving.

Matt started out in the Motor Trade in 1996 as an apprentice in an independent Rover Specialist. After he finished his apprenticeship he moved to SE Thomas in Godalming, a Citroen Dealership. In 2003 Matt moved to the Peugeot Main Dealer in Haselmere, Concours Motor Co. where he was employed as a diagnostic technician until the garage closed.

For the next 8 years Matt then worked for an independent garage in Guildford, Fox's of Guildford and became an MOT Tester. It was during this time in Guildford that he realized that independent garages were so far behind modern trends in the way they did business. As time progressed Matt became more and more frustrated at his bosses reluctance to move the business forward, he quit!

Matt then started AutoMatt. Right from the outset Matt was insistent on educating his customers so that they can make more informed decisions rather than emotional ones when it comes to repairing their cars. Another core principle at AutoMatt Garage is to use technology, so when there is an issue with customers cars they will use photos and videos to explain what's wrong, and show where their car needs attention. This concept is also used to let AutoMatt's customers know what a good part looks like against a bad one.

This ethos has stood Automatt well, and because of their open and informative approach to what's needed, and what's not, has gained them a good following and customer base.

AutoMatt's USP: Education, Simple Explanations in Normal Terms and a Clean, Tidy Environment for our Customers.