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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair in Petersfield ? If so, AutoMatt Garage, the BEST Local Garage in Petersfield, will repair your car exhaust system, repair your van exhaust system or repair your motorhome exhaust system. At AutoMatt Garage, you're in safe hands, we pride ourselves on giving your vehicle the best care possible.

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

Your car exhaust system has 3 main functions; it removes harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the environment, it helps to lower the noise created by the combustion process of your engine, and it ensures your vehicle’s engine is running smoothly, which increases fuel economy.

In order for your car to run, fuel and air must be burned in the combustion chamber. This produces at least six different exhaust emissions that are dangerous for the atmosphere. The most harmful of these are; carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide. The car exhaust system is responsible for removing these emissions to help keep our air clean. Call in at Automatt in Petersfield, to have your emissions checked and find out if you need an exhaust repair. 

What Parts Are There in An Exhaust System?

The exhaust system on your vehicle is made from a series of exhaust silencers, catalytic converters, particulate filters and pipes that start at the engine and ends at the back of the car with the tail pipe. Most vehicles have one exhaust system, although vehicles with six or eight cylinder engines may have two exhaust systems, one for the right side and one for the left. As part of a Full Service on your vehicle at our garage in Peterfield, we always check your vehicles exhaust is in a good state of repair.  

There are six main parts in a typical exhaust system.

Exhaust Manifold: The exhaust manifold is the first part of the exhaust system, it’s bolted to the engine at the cylinder head.

Oxygen Sensor: Is located in or near the exhaust manifold. The oxygen measures how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases and sends that data to the vehicles engine management ECU, the ECU then regulates how much fuel is needed by the engine to run efficiently. Some vehicles have multiple oxygen sensors, measuring ‘before and after’ oxygen levels.

Exhaust Pipes: Exhaust pipes carry exhaust gases through the entire exhaust system. They connect to each part of the exhaust system to the next, ending at the tailpipe where the exhaust gases escape to the atmosphere.

Catalytic Converter: This important part of the exhaust system comes directly after the exhaust manifold. Its job is to convert the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gases into less harmful carbon dioxide and water vapour, which is good for the environment. If your catalytic converter is defective your vehicle will not pass the MOT Test.

Diesel Particulate Filter: The DPF is fitted to the exhaust system of diesel engined vehicles and is designed to remove large particles of soot produced by the combustion process. The DPF is located after the catalytic converter in the exhaust system. Poor fuel quality, incorrect driving styles and lack of maintenence will cause the diesel particulate filter to block  and will lead to a breakdown.

Petrol Particulate Filter: The PPF is found on modern petrol engined vehicles. Its job is to remove the larger soot particles that are produced during the combustion process of petrol engined vehicles. 

Silencer: The silencer reduces the extremely loud noise of combustion from your vehicle’s engine. Your vehicle’s exhaust system can have multiple silencers in it. The exhaust silencer is a metal box containing a series of tubes called baffles, resonators and fibreglass padding which absorb the sound waves travelling along the exhaust system. Changing a car’s exhaust silencer will give the exhaust system a distinctly different sound.

What problems Will My Exhaust System Have?

Because the car exhaust system is made from steel, rust is one of the biggest problems the exhaust system will have. The exhaust system is also susceptible to stress cracks and splits which will cause leaks. If your driving typically involves lots of short trips or a lot of driving in stop and go traffic, this can also cause corrosion problems. This is because your exhaust system will never reach optimal operating temperature which is needed to burn off the water vapour created by the combustion process of your engine. However, because the exhaust is made from steel, it's sometimes possible to repair your exhaust in our Petersfield workshop by welding it. 

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Signs That Your Exhaust System Has A Problem

If you smell exhaust fumes, it’s cause for concern and is an indication that you have an exhaust leak. If you smell exhaust fumes in your vehicle, roll down your windows to minimize the fumes you are inhaling and call us right away to get your exhaust system repaired.

Hissing or rumbling noises coming from the exhaust system are an indicator that your exhaust silencer needs repair or replacement. Even if there does not appear to be a problem with your system, it is a good idea to ask us to look over your vehicle’s exhaust system while your vehicle is in our workshop for other repairs or servicing.

A rattling noise may indicate that a heat shield around the exhaust pipes or catalytic converter is loose.

If there is a warning lamp on, on your dashboard, it might be an indicator of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or a blocked catalytic converter or DPF.

Because the exhaust system is such a crucial part of car’s function and safety it is important to take care of any issues quickly. Remember that the deadly gas, carbon monoxide, has no odour, so there may be a leak you are not detecting. And of course, if you bring your vehicle to our garage AutoMatt, in Petersfield, for an exhaust repair, or an exhaust inspection and we find a problem that’s caught early, it can save lots of money in the long run.

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