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Are you looking for van or car brake repair in Petersfield ? If so, AutoMatt Garage, the BEST Local Garage in Petersfield, can repair the brakes on your car, your van or your motorhome. At AutoMatt Garage, you're in safe hands, we pride ourselves on giving your vehicle the best care possible.

What Are My Car’s Brakes?

Your car’s brakes are the devices that stop your car moving. For that reason it’s vitally important they are working properly, and as efficiently as possible. It’s crucial that your car’s or van’s brakes are working as the should, because poorly adjusted, worn or defective car brakes can cause an accident, or even death.

Your vehicle’s brake system consists of many different components that work together to bring your vehicle to a stop when you put apply pressure to the brake pedal in your vehicle.

The main parts of your car’s or van’s brakes that will need brake repair from time to time in our Petersfield garage workshop, are the parts designed to wear. Namely; Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Brake Shoes and Brake Drums. Sometimes other parts of your vehicles braking system will also need to be repaired because of brake fluid leakage or corrosion. But, these problems are not so common.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Car Brakes?

Brake Pads and Brake Discs are the parts of the vehicle braking system that you will replace or repair most frequently. On average, every car owner will replace their vehicle's brakes at least 3 times. If your car brakes need to be replaced, fear not! A brake repair in Petersfield can be carried out by us, at AutoMatt in our modern workshop. Besides the obvious point of safety, having your brakes repaired also improves the efficiency of the vehicle from a fuel perspective too.

As there are many different parts to car brakes it can make brake repairs a little bit more complex for the average person to identify where the heart of the problem is. Which is why it’s a good idea to have a qualified mechanic carry out a brake inspection to check and diagnose what’s gone wrong.

Our brake repair experts in Petersfield can pinpoint what's wrong quickly and efficiently and get you back on the road in no time at all.

Do I Need A Brake Inspection?

Below we have detailed some of the commonest problems that we see in our garage workshop in Petersfield on vehicles that come in for brake repair. For safety’s sake, if you have any of these symptoms, call us directly and we’ll carry out a brake inspection. There are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for when using your brakes.

Grinding - when the friction material on brake pads has worn away the metal part of your brake pad is allowed to contact the brake disc, this causes a grinding noise and vibration. This will likely damage the brake disc also.

Squeaking - there are many reasons why brakes squeal. It could just be a build up of brake dust, but it may suggest the brake caliper has seized and the brakes pad remains partially applied to the disc. Some brake pads even have wear indicators that squeal when worn to let you know the brakes need replacing.

Pulsating - If you feel a continuous pulsating from the brake pedal as you apply the brakes, it indicates that the brake discs have become warped. If this only occurs when you apply the brakes firmly, it could just be the ABS kicking in but, ABS operation is a considerably stronger action. If this happens regularly, you should have this checked out at the best local garage in Petersfield, AutoMatt.

Pulling - if your car or van pulls to the left or right when you apply the brakes this is usually because of a seized caliper. We can check this on our rolling road to identify the precise reason for the vehicle pulling to one side.

Sponginess – if the brake pedal of your vehicle seems soft and spongy and the brakes seem unresponsive, it could be that air or water has entered the brake lines and is preventing the brake fluid from flowing through this system effectively. Replacing your brake fluid should rectify this problem.

Soft Brake Pedal - if the brake pedal is limp and goes all the way to the floor, this indicates a serious braking system fault which you should have inspected immediately.

Dashboard Light - if a brake warning light appears on your dashboard when you apply the brakes it usually means the brake fluid level is critically low. This could also indicate a leak in the brake hoses, a leak from a corroded brake pipe, or possibly a leak from another part of the hydraulically operated brake system.

High Handbrake - If the handbrake is pulling up higher than it normally does it may need adjusting. It can also be an indicator of something else failing, particularly with the rear brakes of your vehicle. If the handbrake lever reaches the end of its travel it will fail the MOT.

Old Brake Fluid - If your brake fluid is over 2 years old it will not be as effective as it should be. This is because it absorbs water from the atmosphere over time. This affects the properties of the fluid which negatively affects braking ability. Brake fluid should be changed approximately every two years but check your manufacturers handbook.

Remember, defective brakes can significantly increase your vehicles stopping distance which could cause an accident or even death.

Book your Brake Check Appointment at AutoMatt

If you are at all concerned about the performance of your brakes or would like them checked before going on a long journey, please book an appointment for brake repair at AutoMatt in Petersfield, and our expert brake technicians will carry out a brake inspection on your vehicle and provide you with a brake report and a cost effective quote for any work which is required to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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